The media seem to be a mystery to many people and newspapers of the world seem to be much more mysterious, since nobody sees journalists, unlike television journalists. In addition only newspapers appear in the courtyards and in the frames of houses. Then, how work newspapers? This article will discuss how will constitute it the bulk of United States newspapers. Newspapers and journals tend to have a Department of administration, which covers senior management, payroll, accounting and human resources, a news department, where reporters and photographers, a production department, which is where the paper was prepared for the press, a Department of advertising and circulation, which deals with subscriptions and deliveries of newspapers. The story really begins in the newsroom. Where reporters cover certain rhythms, or areas, such as the town hall or in the County Court.

Reporters They reunite the newspapers and write stories about their research. The majority of news departments have a head of news for each segment, the economic, the Sports Department, and so on. The heads of these departments are editors. They see the finished stories, and make corrections or suggestions for finally, send them to the copy desk. The new backup service reads stories grammar and spelling, puts them on the page, and sends lasas impressions to the editor-in-Chief. Items are tested again and then they will be sent to the typography which is mostly handled by the computer, but occasionally when there is a need to make a special announcement or any other will be made by hand in large and elaborate leaves manually. When all the pages have been sent, and fonts in your point, the head of press room starts the printing press, and in about 60 seconds, the first documents begin to leave. These are not usually good copies, since the press will have to be calibrated for the color and registration during the execution of press.

Then they return to the table of editors who avoids that errors are seen again, and newspapers are packaged and sent to conveyors. Although newspapers are dedicated to informing the public on vital issues and events of interest to the community, they are still companies and need to cover expenses. For this reason, newspapers charge for advertising. Individuals or companies can pay to place ads, with the advantage that the newspaper will give them the space they are willing to pay. Journalists of the newspapers usually have a college degree in journalism or a related field, such as English or language arts. Many people do not think of journalists as creative people, when in reality they write because that’s what they like to do. Most of the newspapers of press staff feel that the responsibility to tell the truth and take this duty very seriously trusts.

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