Of course, there are boards on which is placed in the night a few hundred ads. On such boards can safely be placed at least some of their ads a day – they are very easy to They get lost. You can use other tactics – to place their ads more often than necessary, but change the text of a declaration. For example, first place a classified ad: "Welcome to your business. More about :…'. Then, the following declaration: "Tired of work? Relax in business …'.

And so on. Low persistence of many boards is another problem – is that such boards 'live' is not a lot. But there is a great variety of new boards ad. If you do not have much time to search for new boards, use the best known and largest boards – such boards live long enough! Hunting spammers to your e-mail spammers prey on each address exposed on the Internet, and even more so – to address e-mail, which you leave on a bulletin board with his announcement. Moreover, your e-mail comes into the view not only of professional spammers who collect special base these addresses e-mail, but also less dangerous, but also very annoying representatives of various businesses in the network, who are eager to acquaint you with your project. And the more active you will be advertised on bulletin boards, the more kinds of spammers will start to poison your life. And even if you suddenly stop to advertise on billboards, emails flow spammer never run dry. Of course, you can give your ad on the bulletin board without specifying your e-mail.

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