NaviSpace Discovery – a new generation of navigation. In the navigator integrated GPS and GSM modules, which makes it possible not only to call him, but immediately see the traffic jams and options for their diversions (in the card comes bundled with "SMILINK" with free access to traffic jams on the month). To view this device must sim-card mobile operator MTS. Further fee for receiving stoppers from the company SMIlink will be 200 p. per month. High-precision navigation, power and versatility allow us to call Navispace Discovery modern multimedia-navigation system that can satisfy the most exacting demands of the modern motorist. Clear navigation signal reception in Navispace Discovery provides chipset SirfStar III, and is responsible for the road program "Navitel Navigator", is deservedly considered one of the best in the Russian market, due to ease of use and a great drawing card. "Jam" and Telephony One of the key features is the ability to NaviSpace information about traffic jams in real time.

Discovery is equipped with a GSM / GPRS module and connect the service from the company "SMILINK" driver always be aware of traffic congestion. In addition, NaviSpace can be used as a mobile phone. Two antennas for better signal reception even in areas where reception is poor navigator is equipped with two antennas – telescopic for GSM / GPRS and hinged to GPS. Multimedia For those who do not like to be bored on the way, Navispace Discovery offers a wide range of multimedia entertainment: music, games, videos.

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