Interest on the newly designed WELTEC stand WELTEC BIOGAS POWER GmbH for participation in Hannover on the BioEnergy of Central recorded a strong international interest in biogas plants. Presented, had more than 140,000 visitors, of which about 24,000 from abroad the company from Vechta in the world’s largest trade fair for livestock, Eurotier, together with more than 1,900 exhibitors. Exceptionally strong interest had energetically exploit the audience from Eastern Europe, Spain and England to plants, waste, food and industrial remnants of food. The trade fair contacts document that organic residual materials are increasingly considered resource-saving energy with high potential. In this segment WELTEC has built international reference systems BIO POWER in recent years, the quality of which is also based on the high production depth in the company.

After WELTEC with the completely redesigned booth layout of the German agricultural society (DLG) for the tour of Lower Saxony Agriculture Minister Astrid Grote Lai was selected, BIOPOWER had also himself taken sufficient time to get at WELTEC to inform first-hand on the subject of waste fermentation. Among the waste treatment facility just commissioned in Rushden, England, explained her in conversation. The Minister was invited to a tour after Rushden to convince themselves of the efficiency of the plant. On an animated world map she could an image be also, that entering more and more orders from abroad – a testament to the global pioneering role, which has now taken the company from Lower Saxony in the area of decentralized energy generation. Almost all guests on the new control system for biogas plants, which could be tested directly on the stand showed also great interest.

“The users have in personal talks confirmed that they want to monitor all processes at a glance in the future and control”, Managing Director of Jens Albartus include the need Users together. Also demand, especially the farmers, of the possibility of mobile control of biogas plants using smartphones shows: technical progress is needed whenever the devices make the handling easy and clear. The new control system for biogas Park was received, because it simplifies the application. Representatives from the industry have praised the system as appropriate, simplified instrument various subsystems, such as for example the gas treatment, can be networked, monitored and operated.

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