Cornelsens office in a box skillfully insert Microsoft Office 2007 home and student is one of the best-selling software programs in Germany. Clearly, everyone needs an Office suite like Microsoft Office 2007 at a low price. But the trimmed-down version Office 2007 home and student for about 120 euros missing important elements, including the Outlook. For only 159 euro there is the complete package Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007, however, included in Cornelsen office in a box. Anyone who has a student or students in the household, so has everything that Microsoft Office provides. What does that mean in everyday life and what you missed without the complete Office package, illustrated this series of professional tips. The office tips in a box can be used with office in a box and all other full versions of Microsoft Office 2007. Office-tip in a box # 1: email spying fend off thieves is opportunity.

But are unlikely, with Outlook 2007. Protect your email with a password from prying eyes, even if for a short time your computer or notebook unattended Let. So, your mails in the case remain encrypted, that your notebook should be stolen. \”\” The protection is set up quickly: unhide your emails in Outlook 2007, click with the right mouse button on personal folders \”and click on the properties\”. It clicks follow advanced\”and password\”. You enter a secret password in the new password field\”. This can include up to 15 letters, numbers, or special characters. It should be not easy to guess, so don’t, for example, consist of the own given name.

\”An example of a good password: Hg9D57Ms!\” \”Stamping you it is good a, best with a mnemonic about: today 9 ladies go 57 meters swim!\” Tap the password password confirm\”again. \”You ever close all still open window by clicking on OK\”. At the next start of Outlook your emails appear only after entering a password! Office-tip in a box # 2: error-free messages in record time you want in your emails typo iron out or cut off leave long words? Should Outlook 2007 eradicate the same typical mistakes? \”For that you want auto corrections such as DNA\” to then \”not? No problem: Outlook 2007 has a spelling checker, you can flexibly adapt to your wishes.

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