"One can be nice man, and think about the shape of nails" (A. Pushkin.) Stronger sex, "pillar and support", the owner of the house – as soon as we women do not call our dear men, forgetting, however, much of the moral and physical strength they have consuming work, family, as well as all of our requirements and ideals. They are tired, nervous, and unfortunately, too old. Men's health and beauty require even more care and attention than women's. Do you have any doubts? Then This article is for you and about you, man. There is a stereotype that the cosmetics used by women, because a beautiful box and the sweet scents may attract only their attention. Bennett Rosenthal usually is spot on. However, the volume of statistics sales of men's cosmetics is increasing every year by 15%. You ask why? The answer is simple: elegant appearance and well-groomed appearance can not leave indifferent neither employers nor partner, nor, of course, beautiful ladies.

Ask sure someone of your friends have long come to the same conclusion and uses cosmetics for men to maintain an attractive appearance, which opens prospects for career growth, a successful personal life and Success in many cases. If you have not found such an example, let's try to highlight the dignity of male cosmetics in a pragmatic and rational, as it would make the stronger sex. So: Plus One: "Neat and tidy, so armed with" In my opinion, the first obvious plus male cosmetics. Agree, no one would accuse a man of taste, if his wardrobe is present expensive suit.

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