Special offer for craft and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs Neustadt/Wied: by popular demand from the area of the craft industry and small medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) the company will offer sales and consulting a special offer for these plants in Neustadt/Wied von Marz until August.) Also these companies have realized that they must cooperate with the customer in the future even more closely. But often lack the necessary time, experience or money. To the new demands of today’s customers that individually, well informed and not to classify existing drawers are to meet, especially the medium-sized businesses and the craft as a problem solver / in occur not to stay on the track. Especially rethinking must sit up in these factories, to greater customer proximity. It comes hardly a customer in the shop or the store to buy existing products or services provided by the bar. The customer seeks a solution to its needs cut and especially only for him, what another has not. The require flexibility and skill. In most cases, the holder of such a company is not a salesperson, but Handwerker/in and specialized in his field.

Very often is today in the complicated world of the holders / in too much to ask. He has a workshop such as so because it works like”, that is his priority and he knows fully in this area and is an ACE. At the same time it must be often reluctant today but also a businessman, to survive in the competition. Then a half should be it accountants at the same time. He has a staff, he must be a good Chief of staff. Also, he must still safety officer / in, data officer, ISO – officer /, etc, etc..

Even customer service”to make and to ensure new jobs remains him any time. Because even his day has only 24 hours. Not everything can or must, the company wants the sales and consulting in Neustadt/Wied Help businesses and to find them with a special offer, corresponding sales or sales staff, such as sales representatives, customer consultant phone consultant, etc. nationwide. Access in the area of new media, the company wants these companies like under the arms”. Many artisans and SMEs have not recognized that the huge opportunities in the field of the information and of the sale. All other information, please see and imprint and contact: sales and consulting, Friedel Mies, Wiedblick 14B, 53577 Neustadt / Wied-02683 Tel 945910, fax 02683 945911,

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