From the inspiration was born there to investigate and to write about the sofrito in the Latin American kitchen. We begin to know the meaning the sofrito word. According to the dictionary of the Real Academy, to sofrer is to fry foods and their condiments slightly. We call sofrito to sofremos oil condiments that, accompanied by diverse ingredients. The sofrito forms the fundamental base whereupon the majority of plates of the Spanish kitchen and the Latin American kitchen is elaborated. Each country has its traditional form to prepare its sofrito, better still each has its own secrets and customs in its elaboration.

We know that the basic sofrito is the elaborated one with onion finely cut, tomato concass (cubes), to which green peppers can be added to him or red or its flavor becomes rich adding different condiments, according to the type of preparation. In Latin America we taste a diversity of aromas and as a result of the different cooking traditions. The Dominican ones add to onion, tomato, pimentn, crushed garlic, oregano and pepper to him. They are going if it to use to stew meats, kidney beans, gandules or for the rice Moor add coriander to him. The Cubans liquefy garlic with the onion, green red pepper and the tomato soon to sofreir it in the oil. We Venezuelan them warmed up the oil soon to add garlic, crushed, the onion, the sweet red pepper and pimentn finely cut; if we are going to prepare a stew like the one of the Hallacas, we added tomato to him ground in the processor. The Argentineans add to him to the basic sofrito, red peppers.

laurel and color. The Mexicans gild the onion, soon press garlic, add to tomatos and the infaltable Chile. The Peruvians like the Salvadorans, sofren garlic, the onion, pimentn and the tomatos. As we see almost all the sofritos are elaborated with the same ingredients, but the variety of rich flavors that produce to us is incredible. Then we asked ourselves Where it is the difference. In our opinion, different cut, different flavor. Often we see chefs in its programs of TV, to use the method in the same way to cut vegetables and of the same size. The reason is that, at the time of cooking the sofrito, the ingredients absorb the condiments the same, apart from which they cook uniformly. Definitively it is the method that we recommended, since when we liquefied the ingredients of the sofrito, this it is with less flavor, because instead of sofreir itself, rather it is boiled. Finally we must add that the secret of a good sofrito is to cook it to untimed fire. While slower one cooks the sofrito greater flavor will have our final preparation. The prescription of the week is the Spirals of Grazes Spring of Rena Ware with their aroma and spectacular flavor is a good example than it constitutes a good sofrito. Until the next week. Notary publics to juliopena@dalilasgourmet. com or contctenos in our page Web:. dalilasgourmet. com Licensed in Fiscal Sciences, Professional in Cooking Arts, Professional in Pastry shop Francesa and Chef in Bakery the International, in addition with an ample experience in the Management to Small and Medians Companies, the food sector.

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