Marketing by e-mail, a form of Internet marketing, is a product of the evolution of what in the world of marketing is known as direct marketing. Before the advent of the internet, direct marketing predominated in written advertising. It was common to get to open our email box, we find large amount of correspondence, which, most of the time, was not in our interest, because it is pure advertising, unsolicited (in fact, now rarely open my mail box). We could say that, that type of correspondence, which constituted a form of marketing, for receivers, to those who sent it was what is now known as S * P * to * M, or spam. However, we must admit that many times, some of that correspondence drew our attention and led us to buy any product or service offered. With the arrival of the era of information technology (technology and information), those who practiced this way to do marketing, which we might call, direct marketing, found a new way to carry out their tactics, using some adjustments to the systems, which were mandatory.

It was not difficult at all to these marketers adapt the new technologies to their precursor marketing practices, but if you had to work hard in order to merge its methods with modern media technology was putting at your disposal. It is easy to understand that there is a significant difference between publishing online for a large audience, and writing for a smaller consumer audience. On the other hand, same accompanied by informative social development, technological development, and the pressures of the daily activities, began to create in people, a focused culture to get things quickly, mainly by the knowledge of having many more options to choose, in comparison with previous offerings, before the development of the internet. It is thus as a mode of writing short articles, a few paragraphs, but through the use of more powerful techniques of persuasion.

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