Marketing is desirable to carry out consistently. The most advanced business uses marketing funnel for retaining customers. Step lure the customer begins with the presentation of low-cost products or services, and often even free souvenirs. Then follows the movement of the interested client down through the funnel, the narrow part, where they often are significantly more expensive products and services. This technique is gradually forcing the buyer to increase the volume of investments in products of your company, buying more and more expensive services and products.

It is very important knowledge and understanding of where you are among the competitors. Do a search on the Internet on a typical key to find all the sites that are similar to yours. Write the address of a dozen of the most successful competitors. Analyze how are untwisted their websites. Can you suggest something demanded in this niche? Do not seek to offer what others offer. Find the gaps in their offers or product range and provide a market for something that will fill this niche. Important recognition of your project. Interesting domain name can help you to be noticeable in the ocean of mediocre titles.

For sure you want for the site to choose a domain with your name or the name of your business. It will work perfectly on your project, especially if the domain is purchased in the correct domain zone – a zone RU (Russia), CA (Canada), COM (global site), etc. Evaluate your site an open mind. Your web site should be externally memorable. Colors should be simple fonts – easily readable, and navigation – Easy. Your material should quickly focus your potential customers, clearly demonstrating how your product or service can solve their problems. Instead of just listing the features of your product or service, clearly underline the benefits that will users from buying. People rarely turn their attention to product features, they are concerned only acquired the ultimate benefit. The user is always asked myself mentally, 'What in it for me? ', And therefore create your website is your customer, not yourself. And not too much hope for the administrator of your Internet project in terms of creating literate content, you do write a lot clever, so once you know the features of your product better than anyone. And finally, write the vision of its business plan to increase sales of your imagination on a sheet of clean paper or an image file on your computer. This greatly helps you to not miss small details when creating strategy. Human memory is often not ideal, is inherent in man to forget important information. Therefore, having a record, you can remember and minor details and highlights strategies to promote your project.

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