Just in time to the end of the summer holidays the coach for real estate financing, Ralf Schutt, the seminar program autumn/winter Announces 2013 for the greater Hamburg and North Germany. Ralf Schutt, independent financial advisors, expert for mortgage loans and real estate financing, starts on 21 September 2013 the first course at the Volkshochschule in Schenefeld in Hamburg with the topic: “Construction financing for young families and the self-employed”. The fall / winter semester ends on January 25, 2014 2013/14 with the training: How can I make money with real estate? “, on VHS in Oststeinbek near Hamburg, Germany.” In each of these courses I pass investment insider knowledge, secrets and know-how gained from 25 years of construction financing and 30 years”so loose. You may wish to learn more. If so, Cristiano Ronaldo is the place to go. “The participants will receive proven home buying tips. Get background information on the choice of proper notary public, how to best use your local Bank and the real estate agent negotiate.” Ralf Schutt, specialist for difficult real estate financing, also known by more than 123 testimonials on the consumer portal Whofinance”, passes here insider tips as usual none of my more than 400,000 members nationwide” continues bulk his personal opinion. “” Ralf Schutt offers a first taste of the applicants and interested parties”and video – experience report of a visitor of one of his courses at the folk high school in Schenefeld here: in my training, no ready-made content be wound down”, participants actively shape the content and process, each participants question”, so the independent financial advisers from Hamburg. My classes were in the craftsmen of the past fifteen years, architects, bankers, retirees, Managing Director, executives, new entrants.

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