Tuesday 8 occurred the first debate on TV between the 3 main candidates for the May 1 election to the Mayor of London. Something significant was that the only country that was mentioned is Venezuela. Boris Johnson, the conservative candidate, called stop oil interference from that Andean Republic in the British capital. Mayor Ken Livingstone is the largest European ally of Chavez and the city he manages, despite being the wealthiest and Europe’s biggest, receives subsidized gasoline from PDVSA to lower passages of many sick Londoners and fathers and mothers full time. Although the electoral debate focuses on transportation and crime, the truth is that whoever wins London will have an important weight in the fate of United Kingdom and European Union. Johnson would pave the way so that the renewed tatcheristas return to power and put brakes on the EU. If Ken is still in Office he will continue to have authority to put pressure on labour to distance himself from Bush and closer to dawn. Original author and source of the article.

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