English language training of children should begin, perhaps, from the preparatory phase. Its meaning lies in the fact that a child with a teacher or a parent learns to control the sounds he utters itself. Usually because there is little heed is paid to the pronunciation of sounds. If the problem is the pronunciation of sounds rising sharply, usually parents turn to the speech therapist, who teaches the child to distinguish individual sounds and to pronounce from correctly. Learning English children, of course, should be designed naformirovanie correct pronunciation of foreign words a child. English tutor for children in vremyazanyaty tries say as many foreign words, and the child will be for him to repeat them here, of course, already at the early, preparatory stage, the teacher should teach children to pronounce correctly all sounds which occur to him in studying foreign words.

It is also important to teach children to control their breath, watch it. English language training children in the next phase aims to teach children to distinguish between vowels and consonants in words, both Russian and English speech. English tutor for children also shows that in Russian and English speech is the same sounds, vowels and consonants, and there are sounds that are pronounced similarly. It is very important in this time to teach a child to hear the differences between similar sounds of native and foreign speech. English tutor for children shows how to pronounce those sounds of English speech, which in Russian can not be found altogether. It is important that the child was able to correctly perceive hearing different sounds, and distinguish them alone reproduce them. Thus lays the foundations of correct pronunciation of foreign language.

Teaching English language children must include a minimum of theory. When a child learns to pronounce the foreign sounds good, you can move gradually to learning reading skills. But before better enable the child to learn a little set of English words, such as a series of nouns (names of toys and surroundings), from up to ten names of simple steps. Please note that English language training of children should begin with the words, simple to write, so it will be easier to go to the teaching of reading in a foreign language. English language training of children by parents may occur "between times" when you're playing with a child, doing household chores, walk or cook meals. In such an immediate atmosphere of knowledge is often much easier to digest because they are immediately put into practice. English tutor for children may also be to change the situation and improve effectiveness of training to go to a lesson on the street with a student, or play a simple game. It is important not to forget this, because such classes are usually of short duration, hence, will not cause your child tired and bored. Be sure to mark all the luck and the achievement of the child, praise them, it will be for him a great incentive for these activities and successes. Continuation of the article …

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