In the current days with the globalization and the extreme competitiveness of markets, the abilities techniques had lost its ideal values, and the companies, had started to search each time more participant than they have mannering abilities and of relations human beings. In question of this, we are not enough to more terms only abilities to play definitive function, or to press a screw thousand of times, now what she is asked for in them is the called necessity of interpersonal ability, each required time more in the world of the businesses. This ability describes our way of if relating ones with the others, and that, if developed well, it will be able in them to add much value, to alavancar our careers, and he is of great value for who almeija executive positions and of leadership. However what a good interpersonal ability becomes in them different of the others that do not possess such developed ability well? This question can have some answers, will go to deal with here the main improvements that this ability brings to the people. First to have a good relationship interpersonal, the true self-knowledge is necessary. It knows its weak points and points strong, it obtains to know of its qualities and defects, and what to make to improve them. When if it knows itself exactly, it is started to give a bigger importance to it for things that really make meant to it, its vision of the world if becomes ampler, and is obtained with a bigger dexterity to display its ideas and thoughts and, mainly, its feelings. The self-knowledge takes in them to the rewarding pinpoint, and this is being very valued in the companies.

Therefore this knowledge of itself, this autoreflexo of being is the key to have a primoroso interpersonal relationship. The self-knowledge in supplies one better interpretation to them of our emotions, the reason acts ahead in definitive ways of diverse circumstances, so that these in such a way do not harm in them in situations day to day, and thus we sobressaimos in them and we obtain to face in more rational way the problems that we face every day. The psychoanalysis in the aid very in this practical. It in the aid to be learned to be who is, to have courage of in supporting them alone and in knowing them. We love people who we know who are and we admire, as will be able to be loved without if knowing? If you do not know who you are, you will not have courage the sufficient to place in practical its ideas, therefore she will not believe them faithful, moving of opinion to each unhouse sigh to its side. To have a good interpersonal relationship, nothing more is, that to have a self-knowledge and the great emotional intelligence. With this ability we will express in them better, make understanding in them more easily, we will cultivate greaters affection, and will serve as a springboard for our careers. The human being is a sociable being, therefore always we will go in them to relate ones with the others, and to have a good interpersonal relationship is the key to alavancarmos our careers, our affective and social life.

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