When you register, many Catalogs are asking you to put a link back to their site. (I advise you not to do it, it has a negative impact on your site). Registration in catalogs manually matter requiring much time and patience, and for that, would register a thousand directories will require not one day so I suggest you use the services of service, choose according to your time and budget. You can also use the software that it Internet is more than enough. The second method. I think that probably almost every Internet user to submit announcements bulletin board, or the sale of services, and today there are many thousands of boards ads, and so I think it would be foolish to exclude it as a method to promote your website.

I will not tell you how to submit announcements I think you know it. The main post your ad in the following categories suitable topics on your site, and do not forget to link back, of course. Do not forget that you should not use the same text when submitting announcements. You also can use the services of services (their the Internet a great many). So you can use the software to send advertisements to the board. The third way. First of all you must understand that all promotion of web sites and their place position in the Internet especially based on the carrier of information (text), otherwise it is called "content." Let's imagine how the search engines, so for example, we define a search query, such as web sites, and searcher begins to search for what site the expression "web sites" is found more often and not just common but also based on the expression. Do not try to fool a search engine stuffing their content by various key phrases on which you want to see your site on the top places in these searches.

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