Among many new features in Gmail, Youtube and others, we often forget that rarely Google adds greater than your product features Star (network marketing), i.e. anything more or anything less than the browser. And now, after doing the mysterious with various doodles and small clues of executives, has been in the offices of Google Spain where has been the last great innovation search engine. He is Google Instant search, a new feature that will try to save valuable seconds to the users, as well as adding a bit of productivity to searches. How it works?. Very simple.

When try to find something, it will automatically show us the more likely search results, according to a complex algorithm. So, when we seek war, most likely show us automatically the results of World War II. I think that it is very useful when we do long searches, and is much more user-friendly for those who are slow to write or who do not know How to use the search engine. Now, taking into account that this function may not be liked by everyone, it is important to mention that all those who want to can disable it without problem. For now, this feature can only be used by those using Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 8, Chrome 5 and Safari 5 (soon with other types of browsers).

Later versions as Chrome 6 or Firefox 4 will also work. And if, in the event that you are wondering what, Opera is out, though they claim that they are working on it. For now, only users of Google in English and those who log on from the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Spain will enjoy the new feature. If you live elsewhere don’t worry, just go to to be redirected to the version in English without any problems. From there you can try Instant Search. I’ve been testing a while and it seems to work perfectly, not I found it difficult to adjust to the. Predict you much success to this new feature, although perhaps only Perhaps there was not what many expected considering that they created much excitement. First impressions Google revolutionary has presented us the instant search as something. Technically is: get results to be updated dynamically required quickly in the browser, optimization of the data being transferred and a vast server capacity. However, face no I so revolutionary see users.For those who are accustomed to write quickly, we won’t do much good. Personally I’m used to a fast sequence: enter search term, press enter to find the results. It would cost me more stop writing when they are outcomes that end the search normally.For those who write slower it can be quite useful. If the algorithm works well we can have the search that you want to list with only two letters. For me, the best of Google Instant Search is the technology that Google has developed: real-time, optimization of the network data, results Instant well exploited in other Google products, they could be very useful and would continue the trend of the real time that we’re seeing lately.

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