But either option is ideal to justify her: 'I do not want to do business. " But between 'I do not want' and 'can not' – a huge gap. Who wants to – that seeks to address. Who does not want – is looking for excuses. Source: patrick. To finally decide, we encourage you to do so, as did many others before you. Just grab a pen and piece of paper and write a column their desires, what you want out of life – in the material and not just the plan.

– Financial independence? – More free time? – Independence from superiors at work? – Ability to travel and visit different countries? – Provide old age? – Improve the living conditions? – Pay off debts? – Give your children a decent education? Recorded? A Now be honest (because you did answer himself) plus sign mark the items that you can implement today. And tomorrow – while remaining in that position, which are now without their own business. Let a small but own. Well, how? Many items could be noted plus sign? If a bit, say to yourself – what are you afraid? What may be afraid of the modern intelligent person who feels the need to live better than he lives now? May be – you hope that you will suddenly appreciate an employer? Understand that without your services, he just can not do and many times will increase your salary? Or make a business partner? And that – for these hopes have any prerequisites? Or do you have a rich elderly uncle who has loved you and only heir? And he's going to give you a birthday ready business? Business, which will bring you a big and steady income? Business in which you do not need anything special to do business, in which everything revolves itself, you just look? Or you do not want to even businesses? And just wait, when my uncle move to a better world? And how health of this uncle, that the doctors say? And maybe you hope to help and care of the state? To help and care of our wonderful and good government? It will provide a good treatment for you, a good education to your children, a dignified old age? Say, you really believe it? Then – sorry for the sharpness – you yourself need a doctor.

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