How could I define to whom reverence to murderers, hastened to dictators and extols a political regime that does not respect virtually any human right and that practice censorship? What qualification could be applied to who so acts? I am not going to say that name deserves, but since then denotes an absolute moral and human misery who so appropriate. If I ensalzase and alabase who sojuzga to a village, who prohibits democracy and murdering opponents, I would be a criminal, it would be an undesirable. If I enalteciera to one who performs ethnic trials without due process, if you compadrease me with who made tremendous and arbitrary arrests and horrific torture, it would be so monster as one who performs it. But all this has some exceptions and not only for Spain and its inhuman politicians and rulers, but also for the rest of the so-called civilized world: UN, UNESCO, UNICEF, etc., one of these exceptions is called Equatorial Guinea, where they are illegal political parties, are jailed at the opponents, where presidential and legislative elections are a farce, where kills political enemies, where the indignity and misery are evident, where natural resources are huge and where its President the miserable Obiang has one of the largest fortunes in the world. The exception lies in that has oil and that is more than reason enough, apparently, to go kneeling to the dictator and smile and make good their crimes. But not only am I who says that President Obiang and his corrupt government are a few monsters, Human Rigthts Watch, says that the majority of the population lives under the poverty threshold, due to the extreme corruption of the Equatorial Guinea regime. Amnesty International continually denounced the detention and torture of opponents. Reporters without borders struggle to release journalist Rodrigo Angue, Guinean journalist and correspondent of France Presse, prisoner of conscience, represaliado and imprisoned for criticizing the terrorist policy of Obiang.

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