We are living an uncertain economic cycle and full of negative energies that arrive from all parts and they flood everything, causing no longer current, but cracked and cataracts of bad vibrations that fills everything to it and clear, our company, business, office that is what is your place of work free of them. Here you have simple advice to release to your office or place of work of the so ominous negative energies: To renew the office does not mean works is not to throw monumental walls and reforms; a little painting that renews the color touch even can be sufficient or a deep cleaning if office is your home or your workstation. It renews the furniture of office To change to a table or the old woman new chairs by and modern ones or to perhaps add a bookcase or what so a whim as a coffee pot. The idea is to fill of positive energy the office, pear to have better results. It thinks in detail of color is not necessary to have square original of Andy Warhol to give life with I touch of color; pictures of flowers are enough, of the style that you prefer so that the walls of your office or workstation has a new energy.

A plant in the office uses the energy of the plants or work place is an excellent catalyst of the bad vibrations, absorbing the negative energies and releasing the atmosphere, which produces an improvement in the climate of the human relations, as much within the same company, as with the people outside her. The light is important Not only for the productivity we needed an illuminated good office, also is necessary for the atmosphere that is created within her. An office or illuminated bad dark work area or is a magnet for the negative energies. One is not to become crazy or crazy everywhere putting light bulbs and to turn the office into a plate, simply one is to look for the balance between amount of light and consumption so that the office or work area is illuminated of such form that is created a clear and cleared atmosphere, that it favors the concentration. uses the power of the flowers the plants as it said to you before are great the catalytic ones of the bad energies and among them, the flowers by its great one vitality, beauty and color are an absolutely positive element to create a good atmosphere of work. Relajantes and glad, the flowers contribute to energies and natural essences of colors and aromas, that act in our receptive system, balancing and recovering the harmony. As you see, one is small changes and details that allow that any office or space of work renews, even if you think about renewing the office furniture, since it is possible to find very good furniture office second hand and accessories nearly money. Furniture of office? Before deciding it dates a return by the Web from Tormoy Systems you will not be able to be thought what there is and to prices you do not say to me that they have not said it to you.

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