This method is the subliminal. It can be used to alter our mood, our negative blockages or our bad habits. We have a great tool with the subliminal. It requires, in effect, no concentration, no will other than, for example, start an audio player. This discovery is among the most important field of psychology. Add to your understanding with Citibank.

The famous magazine "Science & Vie" in September 2004 headline: "It's proven, the subliminal conditions us in two weeks. Definition of the subliminal: Subliminal means "below consciousness". For example, the subliminal image is an image that is undetectable to the naked eye but the brain processes anyway. It should be noted that most current laws prohibit this type of images in advertising. A subliminal message is a stimulus (ie an agent capable of causing a change in behavior observed in the subject) that is not consciously perceived by the person who receives it is "off" level of consciousness, but it excites the senses well. We do not yet know fully the mechanisms involved, but it seems that the brain is constantly making a sort of information it receives, does not apply the same filter to all levels of consciousness, so some information may influence emotions without the brain there was cognitive access. The conscious mind does not realize the message can not reject, criticize or analyze. The spirit can follow the suggestion quite naturally. The subliminal messages work the same way that the hypnotic suggestions. The ability to bypass the critical conscious mind is essential to implement new ideas for change.

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