Layer of mineral wool insulation keeps heat from living under the roof? As many now in the summer – not first think on the wonderful Vista starry nights – it’s too warm and stuffy living rooms. There appear coolly inhabitants before the mind’s eye, which does not come to rest. There’s everything – in non-assembled or badly heat-protected roof spaces. The experts by, the leading Internet portal for builders around the topic of roof, show what can afford a modern insulation and how she must be designed. Because the right material ensures perfect climate under the draft at any time and in any weather.

A best practice is the between-Rafter insulation glass wool. Thus also retrofitting is not a problem. In the summer it under the umbrella of pretty hot: in most homes, the sun burns completely unfiltered on the slant – rare trees provide some shade. Up to 120 degrees emerge on the surface. The roof while holding back a great deal of heat. But what penetrates is sufficient to make the top-floor sauna and also to heat the whole House. An effective insulation is so essential.

Each insulation – whether under the roof or in another area of the building – the energy saving Regulation (EnEV) requirements must be observed. Save energy, what has to do with the summer heat? Very much, say the experts at what is good against cold, also protects against heat. Insulating glass wool have excellent insulating properties even in summer, because you can store the heat during the day. Only in the cooler night hours, they emit absorbed heat. In the winter, this principle works the other way around. Proven, have flexible for this task and compressed glass wool packaged Terminal felts. This building material is available in sufficient thickness and can be easily processed. Slim rollers with much insulation in stable storage, transport and handling on the building site. The thickest insulation – necessarily by a shading with blinds or Blinds must – be supplemented uses but not much when the hot air can enter through open cracks and joints in the roof. Which causes an unpleasant indoor climate summer and winter. experts recommend wind and air tight to make the roof with a steam brake slide. This layer seals even the smallest openings and prevents also a penetration of water vapour in the insulated roof. An essential protective function, because that has become wet insulation loses its performance and on the Attic mold could spread. Already, there are active steam brake foils, so-called climate membranes, which can react flexibly to temperature and moisture differences and again dry has become so even wet roofs. You have also have a protective function, with their aroma leak so evt. containing wood preservatives not in the living room can emit. The insulation – in new construction as in the subsequent expansion – is today mostly between the beams, the so called rafters. introduced. As material comes mostly glass wool, which can be simply to clamp between the rafters. Glass wool not only excellent retains heat and cold, but stops also the sound noticeable and is non-flammable. The steam brake foil is glued on top of this layer. In many old buildings, but the rafters are not high enough for a sufficiently thick insulation.

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