“‘ A unique forum for all care workers” a unique forum for all care workers included in a comprehensive Internet platform for jobs and education, care and training in the (elderly)! “Since the introduction of the long-term care insurance has increased the number of employees in the health care sector by 50%. This corresponds to an annual increase rate of the number of employees by an average of 3.7% to over 1.1 million. According to a study of the Wiforinstitutes of 2010 the industry sets around 6 x more workers as the economy as a whole. To deal with these developments, the prevailing shortage and the lack of information in the field of training, education and training in care for the elderly, a very comprehensive, valuable, new portal was created with now! The high-coverage page with comprehensive job search and the search module of training and further education in nursing is operated by the prestigious private Institute for transparency in the Healthcare GmbH. It was supported by a large circle of carriers with high technical Know-How, advisory boards and initiatives.

The forum for maintaining the main focus of the German care portal is large, extensive forum for all in the care employees. Here can interested can exchange and discuss a variety of topics related to the care, which are grouped together in relevant sections! Lively exchange takes place in areas such as E.g. nursing students Forum, old and Nursing Forum, terminal care, emergency and intensive care, professions, bullying, legal issues, etc.. Through your participation, we are very pleased and hope to give you a useful base for questions related to the care, or to allow you to share your experiences with others with the portal and the Forum! About private Institute for transparency in the healthcare GmbH the renowned Heidelberg Institute operates the largest since 2009 with the German senior portal and about 70 cooperating media partners Portal network for senior citizens in Germany. 2011, a big, pioneering portal for senior-friendly products and services is added with the German senior pilot. Target group here are senior citizens and their families. To meet the shortage and the large demand for valid information about education and training in the care of the online course of the German care portal was carried out from May 2011. A comprehensive portal for job offers and the whole area of education, and training accompanied by valuable information and great care forum. We are open for suggestions, praise, criticism, and offers of cooperation and welcome your feedback via E-Mail to press contact: Barbara NIEs private Institute for transparency in the healthcare GmbH, Joseph-Meyer-Strasse 12 15 68167 Mannheim Tel: 0621 / 862 542-15 fax: 0621 / 862 542-16 E-mail: Internet:

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