Rethink & reorientation. The printing house of the future will need to go new ways after 15 years, no longer need a prophet, to determine that printing, there is no more way past goes to the Internet for a zukunftsorientiere. But, it is even more important to give the company a clear profile with an individual concept. Model Internet printers the short, but very successful history of some Internet printers, are a good example, in which direction the business is developed. Today, at a time, which many a printing press just once have a Web page and an email address, generate the big”million sales in the Internet printing and promote actively, even on TV and in stadiums, for your printer. The Internet was and has become for them the most important sales channel. Their advantage is largely correspond to.

Specialize to be only present printing works only on the Web as, that is not enough. Web-to-print portals are a while ago as the oft-cited Been shot and almost just as quickly closed mushrooms from the ground”. It is not so easy. It is important first of all to recognize the strengths of your print. This applies consistently to develop it in the next step and expand. This sharpened profile”should be made then necessarily at all sales and marketing activities of your print shop in the Center. 6 tips to be successful as a printing company: What is your competition? What can you do better? Who can convince with the strengths of your print and win them as customers? Define a target group for your printer.

What customers want to win. Which target group, just your printer might find particularly interesting? Present, your services in the outer appearance, as accurately as possible. Is only”as the present brochure printing is not enough. Also within this market segment, you should raise the profile of your printing by other specialization/features. The printing house as belly shop”has no future. Who wants to print everything for everyone, its printing can give no clear profile. These things mutually exclusive and are only an obstacle with a unique positioning. What is the current range of your printer? This really covers the needs and demands of your target group? What can you technically, sales and or also logistically for your printer still do? Not only place the focus, to be perfectly positioned in the pressroom. The printing of the present and future, will “have to. sell your services Give your sales therefore all possibilities to be able to sell actively. Who issues the print job, when and where?” This daily to bring you experience and will be crucial to your success. The customer of the printing company determines the way he his”printer wants to find. It will be increasingly important for a successful printing company to know what way because it that are your customer goes. the market once reinforced Klaus Wallace

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