I declare the client that I’ll call now takes two of the listed terms and he spontaneously – without thinking – to opt for one of the concepts. Here I begin with the first value in the list and this place opposite the next value from the list. Then the next and again the nachsten…bis to the end of the list. Then I take the second value and instead this opposite the third value from the list. Then the next and again the nachsten…bis the list fully worked through. For every decision I make a stroke behind the respective value. The hierarchy of values results from the sum of these “hits”. Here a practical example: the following list of values was developed by a client/Coachee in October 2012.

The values were called exactly in the order as they are listed. So the supposedly most important at the beginning. Now I have always each choose the clients as previously described between two values. Partnership or friendship…Partnership or health…Partnership or Ehrlichkeit…usw. Then between friendship or health…Friendship or Ehrlichkeit…und so on.

Until the list was fully worked through. In every decision I have behind the respective value for the the client has chosen, a stroke made. Below you can see the result: values number hit ranking partnership 2 friendship 1 health 5 honesty 4 punctuality 3 reliability 11 3. authenticity 7 tolerance 9 openness 9 helpfulness 8 nature 9 respect 11 3. self-confidence 13 2 energy 13 2. power 13 2 freedom 14 1 independence 4 as you can see the greatest need of the clients with the values is freedom, Power, energy, self-confidence, respect and reliability. Thus, we have found six starting points for further coaching. Of course, always in consultation with the client. I will explain what opportunities there are for this in a future release. In this type of the value hierarchy following points, in my view, of great importance are: the result is always relevant. The result reflects the current situation of the client. The result shows what values the most are missing the client in the current situation. The first cited values are 5 almost never among the top To find. So if you don’t really know in a coaching where you can start, you use the technique of the hierarchy of values. Have fun and success. Gerald Pape

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