We talked about the economy, economic policy, argued together with her until the second hour of the night. In this parallel switched the conversation to children (my child her food in the tube periodically), the common approaches to successful completion of the exam and an excellent defense of the diploma. After listening to some of my advice about what to do, if you do not know the answer to a further question, at what rate to say that dress, smiling or not, and suddenly I t.d.Olga said Alexander, but in fact you would be able to read lectures on this topic … Or a book write this. A lot of useful information.

I laughed and then thought. Put forth that if her gosom everything will be “excellent”, it will come back to this idea. Registration was to “cheers”, Olga I phoned immediately after the defense. Then, as well a diploma. I was never-ending in June, and then pressed for time in July – semiannual reporting for my company. However, the idea is easily thrown by Olga in the second hour of the night on the fertile soil of gray matter evolved. In mid-August (a little rested in the hot Egyptian sun), I found that books and lectures is of course great, “cool”, but the student needs a short and concise principles, step by step guide to action, so to speak to him at the right time and right place. As a result, I have the same breath he wrote four (currently) of such guidance in the form of brief but very clear pomace, which as a result of training after writing all of my clients get for their money (and got my diploma and kursoviki at MSU, where I still worked there, but, of course, free).

Here are the guidelines for action: 1. How to write a term paper on “excellent”, 2. How to write a thesis on “excellent” 3. Write a speech for the defense; 4. The rules of survival on the protection of your work, I initially wanted to simply place on your site for free. My very good friend and part-time co-founder of my company (letters Vie – in the name of LLC “AnSVi” – is on its behalf) to learn about it, cursed me umm bad words. I argued with her, for what was already cursed unprintable words. As I anxiously I love Victoria, and took with it not only fire and water, but the third act of the ballet Marlezonskogo (specify, we’re just good friends), I listened to her request and agreed with its arguments. All of these guidelines for action is now my dostupnyna saytetolko after a payment (close to the symbolic). Victoria told me the most intelligent words (except for bad and unprintable), which allowed to look at the situation from another angle: Freebie-not appreciated. Consider this a powerful argument, I agreed. That is probably the whole story. It remains to add that sometimes in life, “Literary Blacks” appears inspiration and meaning.

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