Shares study: how investors can benefit from reported insider transactions Munich, August 2008 – how has the rate of shares developed, after Board members, Board of directors or other insiders at the Federal Institute for financial services supervision (BFin) to trade in the company’s share with this theme focuses on a new study of shares community Sharewise ( Those interested in the study received them on request to the email address. Corresponding with the Central findings, Sharewise has developed a new Internet tool for consumers and online. \”Private investors will receive from now on Sharewise valuable assistance, which directors’ dealing followed, and which should better not affect your own investment strategy: the so-called Director dealer\” immediately informed the Sharewise user registered with the BFin transactions with a volume of over 50,000 euros, and allows the user at the same time, more Additional information in its decision making process to include. Study design: Matching of all insider transactions registered with BFin with course later In the study, Sharewise all between 28 January and July 28, 2008 with the BFin as Director’s dealings then displayed insider transactions with regard to the examined achieved returns of the shares on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. 1,316 shares purchases are only 231 shares sales in this period. The volume of transactions is almost identical: while some 1.07 billion euros were moved by the purchases, the volume of 231 sales also reached the one billion mark (about 1.01 billion).1 85,07 percent of all reported insider transactions were purchases / majority of transactions but with negative price development 16 Director’s dealings showed by the deadline on July 28 no change with regard to the future share price. With 914 shares transactions of insiders was negative up to the date the price development in the further course. On the other hand are 617 displayed on insider transactions that exhibit a positive share price development.

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