The GETUP Congress, finds exciting presentations at the open Conference on the 15th and 16th April 2011 on 15 and 16 April the open Conference for the industry of the future prevention, health, food and fitness instead. On the second day of the Congress the Forum is again in addition to nutrition and management forums movement on the varied Congress programme. This year, the lectures deal with the science update: current aspects and issues of sports science as well as possibilities for implementation in the gym. Athletic training is a process based on experience and knowledge as well as empirically secure knowledge. The increasing professionalism in the fitness, recreation, and health sport requires a stronger focus on current research results in the future to increase the effectiveness and thus the efficiency of movement and training offers. But also the extensive experiences of pragmatists should provide a reminder to the realization of their own exercise activities and training programs.

Also doing the alignment Deals on new target groups the steady transfer of knowledge and the acquisition of practical skills essential. The Forum aims movement, based on selected sport aspects and issues, to stimulate ideas for new and innovative training programs or new target groups. “The Forum will be moderated movement by Arne rotten, lecturer of the BSA-Akademie and German College for prevention and health management presentations in the Forum movement: speaker Dipl. instructor Christoph Eifler: sports specific strength training offer represent an alternative in the fitness club certified instructor Christoph Eifler, lecturer of the College/BSA-Akademie, is in his lecture, what are the requirements for sports specific strength training” are necessary, and the specificity of this training on the basis of selected examples illustrate. More information for this presentation here:…

. Speaker Prof. Dr. Sven Fikenzer: relative VO2max in performance diagnostics which reference is useful? Prof. Dr. Sven In his lecture, fancier, lecturer of the College/BSA-Akademie, will present the possibilities and limitations of VO2max in relation to fat-free mass (FFM).

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