For the firing of rockets and firecrackers, there are important limitations that is night of new year’s Eve to new year arbeitsreichste night of the year for the German fire brigades. Because many fires with high damage to property or personal injury caused by improperly or inconsiderate missed Bangers and Fireworks rockets. Who now looks like the colorful printed Fireworks offers in the brochures of discounters and department stores and on the popping gets pleasure, should note that in the vicinity of children and old people’s homes, hospitals, it is Spa clinics or churches generally not permitted to fire rockets and firecrackers. Here is a minimum distance of 200 meters duty. Also in front of houses with half-timbered houses or thatched roofs you should adhere to a sufficient safety distance. To make the lawyers of the legal advisor Portal my Nachbarrecht.de () attention.

The experts for neighbor and neighborhood law clarify that although permitted in the new year’s Eve night approved legal is, Fireworks to ignite, if the instruction manual is respected. Since but never a false start can be entirely excluded from missiles, always a launching place, must be selected from misdirected rockets of likely to cause any significant damage. That even the Federal Supreme Court has ruled (file number: VI ZR 71/84). The full judgment is read in the database of the judgment of my Nachbarrecht.de: by the way: Eve you must adhere to onlookers staying outdoors close to the firing points. Because they can and must adapt to the fireworks. If parents allow their children to ignite firecrackers, they are liable for the resulting damage, if they violate their duty of supervision.

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