The development of some industries such as film has allowed this to get listed as one of the most important today, because of this the creation of some items such as trailers, in order to motivate the public to attend the Boards cinema to see the new film tapes. The movie trailer for a small segment of the film, usually this includes images of action, drama or suspense, in order to provide the audience an idea of the tape which is based on trailer. Today the film trailers are an essential part of the film industry, as these are responsible for promoting a film, not only through their images, but also for their soundtracks, and usually they also include segments sounds that contains the movie. The film trailers begin their development from the appearance of Charlie Chaplain’s films, as this through its silent film based on sound effects and relatively short videos, shown to have a incredible success, from where the film industry gets the idea of creating segments of the film called film trailers. The movie trailers with the passage of time have achieved great divisions among the best known are: Trailers with comments: These are trailers of films, which are some comments from people who participated in the creation of the tape, some of them as actors, directors and even cameramen, all with the goal of having the viewer experiences and curiosities lived during the filming of the movie. mixed Trailers: These are the trailers that have parts of several films, in order to make known a number of upcoming film.

sound Trailers: These trailers are based mainly on the soundtrack, making this a visual expression full of interesting sounds to the public. Today, movie trailers are shown mostly in cinemas and theaters, and that’s where lies the audience it is targeted advertising for the next film. Currently, movie trailers are also on DVD, because this is a very important new market that has allowed the film comes more easily to the comfort of our homes, these are included in the DVD movies to encourage the purchase of these films legally. It is also worth mentioning that these are easily found on the Internet, enabling viewing or downloading. It is proper to say that the trailers on DVD as those found on the Internet are subject to laws of copies and copyright of the author. In conclusion, the film trailers are shown before us as an excellent choice to know when the next film which want to attend. So there is no valid excuse to stop going to cinemas.

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