Then it is necessary that the company has surroundings of work by Internet by mobility anyone can accede to the information of the office from any point, and devices of communication to report by vestibules of voice or IVR, SMS or Internet the daily activity It can describe to some concrete action of Field Marketing to us developed by Aplus? We have started up a campaign of field marketing for Motor MINI-BMW Moncloa in order to present the mark MINI. Through the MINI campaign it has managed to connect with the public to present its last new features. In a so competitive sector, as the one of the automotion, without a doubt, field marketing appears like the most effective solution before the indifference. From conventional, direct, bold and little fresh a method the campaign of field MINI-BMW marketing has looked for the interaction with the public. For it was chosen to develop a campaign based on the presence of the mark in the street, to draw attention of the pedestrians in zones strategically chosen. A direct and aligned campaign with the values of the mark. It consisted of the distribution of promotional trays with coffees, of zones of great affluence of managers, industralists and executives. The MINI mark looked for the contact, from the invitation and the delivery of pommings (especially designed with the silhouette characteristic of a MINI ones), to draw attention on its mark. The process was simple, after giving good morning, anfitrionas of MINI prepared material to give, a coffee, pomming and a sticker. Original author and source of the article.

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