Who am I? Who am I? Our life, we know that it has a process. We are born, we grow and we die. is dynamic invites in them to make a trip, an adventure inside of us exactly. This adventure in the sample roads, possibilities with which we come across in them with joy feelings, of sadness, distresses, unreliability, enthusiasm, force, courage. Everything makes with that we grow, ripens, creates our personality. In our first years of life we are dependents of our parents, we need them for everything. But we go growing if developing, and this, of the one illusion that we are dependents and self-sufficient who we do not need our parents more than, but know that when the things press we feel, how much we are dependents, we search the port safe, somebody that in the ones of security.

Soon, everything in us starts if to transform: our voice, our body, our thought. Ours! The spines start to sprout in our face, that torment. Our energies are the flower of the skin, as a volcano in eruption process. We start to be disjointed with this we are without skill. If we are different or abnormal they exclude in them or they call in them you annoyed.

Eih! If they touch! We are growing! We are ripening! Ours if we get passionate! It seems that we find a great love. With this we are in the world of the moon alone we think about the great love. There we know if that is love or passion! We know that it leaves us confused. Eita! we start to think about our dreams, our ideals, our future. We start to construct our identity, we start to assume our responsibilities. We cannot forget us them our friendships, which are important for the growth, thus person as in the social relations. I circulate in it of friends we partilhamos our life, our secrets, cry, we laugh, we are non-separable, we are you fulfilled. Opa now we are young, moment of I decided in them, to choose, firm our identity and personality. To search ways to carry through our dreams, ideals. More still passing for all this process for this trip inside of we ourselves, having the experiences of our feelings, but still we ask in them. Who am I? Only I know that still we are in this trip in our interior to each day we go discovering who we are. Each person, each attitude that we have, or the ones that, have with us, despertam in us, new revelations of our person.

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