The portal provides a platform for the exchange of business ideas, tips, news and experiences of entrepreneurs, self-employed and freelancers. Wurzburg: The comprehensive entrepreneur inform yourself, the higher their chance of entrepreneurial success is. Therefore, the portal offers a forum, which also offers room in addition to current news and valuable tips for exchanging useful experiences and new business ideas all entrepreneurs, self-employed and freelancers. Interested find here answers to the different questions around the topics of entrepreneurship and self-employment. In addition, the community offers the opportunity to discuss with other participants, or to publish their own contributions. Initiator of the portal is the Wurzburger MIRACLE MEDIA Publishing House. The newly decorated founder forums with community is managed by our team of experts and is existence founders and all interested parties with professional advice, “explains Marina Christian, press responsible for the miracle media publishing house. Christian also supported Sylke Zaheer moderated and content by the professional writer, which is responsible for most of which appeared in the publishing practice guides for entrepreneurs”, continues.

The portal through the Web site is available. Interested parties who wish to register in the community, can do so at: founder forum / do. A specialist publisher for sub founders focus on field-tested advice trade publisher which 2006 founded Miracle media is publishing. The program focuses on innovative business ideas and proven concepts and guidance of entrepreneurship. Information, advice and practical help are in the focus of the Guide.

Which business ideas can be realized, what are the market prospects, how can I map almost independence, where can I find support and how can I avoid typical mistakes – are only a few questions, the the Advisor take up and implement for each target group needs and informative. In-depth expertise of author Sylke Zaheer as well as the extensive wealth of experience already successful entrepreneur are based. All guides are available through the Publisher website or at Amazon, Libri, and in bookstores. Miracle media publishing press auskuenfte: Marina Christ Tel: 0931 / 9911040 fax: 0931 / 9911044 E-Mail: Internet: and

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