Significantly improved performance when running multiple parallel users. The model Data maintained by the system version 8, there are no tables in the database that uniquely lead to a competitive access by multiple users. The new version of competitive access will only be executed at accessing logically related data (for example, when trying to sell the same product) and will not affect the data that is not related to each other in terms of subject area. Mechanisms of operational records in the new version does not require adherence to a single account for all sections of the regulations. They can be maintained, for example, in parallel with sections of the planning and other application subsystems, which work is not conducted in real time. Expanding the range of tasks The use of 1C: Enterprise really gone beyond the purely accounting system and now includes, for example, tasks such as business management, marketing, budgeting, etc. The new version paid considerable attention to improving the application data model with which to solve specific problems of automation of various subject areas.

The mechanism of register information, which is designed to effectively address a wide range of problems associated with storing and processing information that is not related solely to accounting functionality, such as marketing prices. Information from registers of information can be both static and changing over time – in this case, it can store the history of changes. The functionality of registers provides job information arbitrary frequency storage, the possibility of 'slices' of information for a specific period, etc.

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