This article will not be extended device information turbocharger and how it works. Suffice it to recall that the engine is mounted with a turbocharger is increased efficiency and an increase in power. For the uninitiated, you can add that the turbocharger is essentially an air pump, suction from outside the car the air, heating it by force of friction and then cooling the intercooler is fed into the combustion chamber, thereby improving the quality and quantity of combustible mixture. Ideal working turbine on the car produces barely perceptible hiss, and cleaner exhaust from the engine exhaust pipe. The engine has a good 'getaway' and cravings.

How can pro diagnose the turbine? Visually, it can manifest itself in the flow of oil into the exhaust pipe and the combustion of oil may continue to appear in the compounds of the tailpipe in the form of leaks. It speaks of the destruction gland seal oil turbines. Consequently, increased oil consumption, cast into the crankcase. A significant loss of power while driving, also points to the failure of the turbine. Turbine at turbocharged engine is strong enough mechanism and only requires for its proper work – pure and recommended oil in the engine and engine operation without undue stress.

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