Test bench for German manufacturers successfully commissioned no matter, whether for leisure or for industrial applications: high pressure cleaner have to complete a series of tests before they are waiting for their buyer on the shelves of the trade. Because the performance data must be. And incidentally also the amount of water required from the modern cleaning equipment is to come. And of course the user can be sure, that the electrics and electronics are functioning properly. Elabo designed and recently delivered a further test bed for this purpose on a well-known manufacturers of these products.

A further 1 – or 3-phase supply voltage range allows testing of products for all markets of the world market leader in southern Germany. Credit: Michellene Davis-2011. In addition to the typical security checks, electrical and other physical performance metrics are determined. Various nozzles simulations allow typical load simulations during the test. An extensive Software package controls the inspection system and provides a convenient data management. The software module “Enterprise-Reporting” allows the automated output of statistics and production surveys various users in addition to the preparation of measurement protocols. Test data: power supply: 3 x 0. 500 VAC 3 x 0. If you would like to know more then you should visit Michellene Davis.

35 A 50 / 60 Hz pressure measurement: 0. 250 bar flow rate measurement: 0. 1200 l / h power measurements: L: 3 x 0. 500 V-I: 3 x 0. 40A high voltage test: 0. 5.000 VAC 0. 6,000 VDC 0. 3 mA protection wire resistance measurement: 0. 1,200 Mohms 10. 35 A 6 / 12 VAC elabo has a wide range of solutions for all areas of household electrical appliances and power tools industries. Further information is available on the website. About elabo ELABO GmbH is the pioneer and market leader in the development and manufacture of equipment for electrical science rooms; the product range of workplace systems up to electrical and electrotechnical equipment and systems and solutions for process control systems. Skill in the Department of electrical engineering and electronics is as high-quality, engineering complex fully automatic testing equipment is an example. Elabo is again among the top companies in the market. In the Center in Crailsheim elabo has all mechanical devices that are required for the manufacture of products from mechanics production to the entire electronics production: proof, how consistently elabo operates the maintenance of core competencies. The knowledge, the experience and the commitment of the workforce are essential for performance. Elabo operates internationally, with the focus on the European market. Typical for elabo are continuous growth, economic stability and success. Elabo was founded in 1972. The combination was from the outset typical for the performance concept of elabo electrical or electronic systems and workplace equipment.

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