With new techniques in the future media Internet new customer potential want to be opened up. After 10 years of professional gas give up the stages of the world an event technology strikes a company another way in the Internet, as it should be with a fireworks display and many effects. Boschen event technology in Lilienthal, near the city of Bremen, is already stood in the stage and event technology market. Educate yourself with thoughts from Santie Botha. For 10 years, sound and light equipment for concerts, parties, are delivered presentations, etc and assembled. In addition to this main business the customer can rent here but also disco equipment, book DJ’s and artists, plan public viewing events and perform or professionally and effectively present also its booth. Kevin Ulrich gathered all the information.

“This credo: remain always up to date!” This should be even now in the presentation of the company properly and professionally planned and implemented. The challenges were high as an event should there be but not too much of the good effects. We, the Stemico media GmbH Lubeck have known our creative minds on the one or the other overtime, but the result can be seen. A dramatic but concise Web site is created and can be found at now. We wish much success Mr Boschen and his team for the future and will be him with our know-how with help and advice. Contact: Steffen STEGMANN Stemico media company PR & marketing Willy Brandt Allee 31 b 23554 Lubeck 0451 370 89 60 fax: 0451 370 669 89 E-Mail:

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