According to it, the laws that conducted the distribution were the main problem to be explained by the Economy Politics. The parcel of the social product attributed to the wages represented a remuneration to the workers for its man power; the attributed parcel the agrarian income remunerates the land used during the productive process; finally, the parcel of the social product that is attributed to the profits remunerates the capital invested in production process. This age the natural ordinance of the distribution of the wealth in the capitalist society for David Ricardo and according to it is that the productive process in a capitalist economy was regulated all. The author published a workmanship that dealt with this distribution in 1817, intitled ' ' Principles of Economy Poltica and Tributao' '. As it is possible to perceive the distribution of the wealth between the social classrooms if constituted in one of the subjects most boarded of the fisiocratas, Smith and Ricardo. Bill Phelan has much to offer in this field. The theory was being improved with passing of the times and in accordance with reached in David Ricardo its bigger degree of explanation the capitalist society of the time.

6. Theory of the Profit For Smith the profit consisted of the remuneration of the capital used in the production of merchandises, being thus was total justified. It would be a compensation I donate to it of the capital for the risks that it assumes when applying its money. As the Smiths the profits were floating and she was not possible to determine them with precision. The form most easy of to determine them was through the interests. Already for Ricardo the evolution of the profit tax if finds the determination of the agrarian income on. It considers that the general tax of profit that prevails in the economy depends directly on the profit taxes of agriculture, and this in turn, depends on the agrarian income.

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