These deaths had also happened of porqueexistia massive form a population amount if with Jacques Ruffie in it I break up ‘ ‘ Nessegrupo I only infect, it can become if the concentration human being is sufficiently dense, isto, sufficient so that the probability of ticket of the infectado individual parao virgin and receptive individual is grande’ ‘. 9 Economic Consequence of the Epidemics for the Europeans With the uncontrolled death of the aboriginal peoples in America, becomes if each more difficult time to explore the new territory, therefore as aquantidade of colonists was low and the few that came to venture in the Amricadividiam if in some kingdoms, vice kingdoms, econdados hereditary captainships, then, the objective biggest guided by the mercantilism or qualqueroutra form to enrich bringing the sovereignty for the secomplicadas monarchy became to establish secom aboriginal, however, with low demographic caused for epidemiasdevastadoras in this peoples autctones, are each time more difficult estabeleceruma demand of production satisfactory, because the indians are being scarce eos few that if find die easily, even for simples’ ‘ resfriados’ ‘ that for the Europeans they would be banal. These deaths already can be evidenced in a period of menosde 100 years, in which without a doubt, they clearly bring a consequence for the produoeuropia, as much in the one in the optics to facilitate to the process of domination how much for aquantidade of extracted metals and diverse substances cousins produced as acana – of sugar and the calls drugs of the 10 hinterland. Such idea talks with otrecho: ‘ ‘ it had three million souls more than, that is, adcima part of before conquista.' '. 11 In this we trechopercebemos that since the first contacts with Cristovo Columbus in 1492 at1568 hears an aboriginal demographic reduction of easy perception, that is, em76 years had died an amount of indians for epidemics that had influenced naquantidade of extracted or produced wealth in the new world.

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