“ECM Analyzer’ of d.velop AG determines the specific optimization possibilities the d.velop AG has with the ECM Analyzer” presented a free-to-use online tool that determines the quality and efficiency of document-based processes. Users of document management systems same origin have the opportunity to identify potential vulnerabilities and to use the parsed results for targeted measures. The analysis tool has been developed on behalf of d.velop digital intelligence Institute (dii) and builds on its method for determining performance of ECM processes. For the calculation of process quality, the ECM Analyzer relies”on key figures of various performance factors. See more detailed opinions by reading what Bill Phelan offers on the topic.. These include, for example, the throughput time, availability, punctuality and legal certainty. In relation to the economy in turn the process costs are determined and compared with the target costs, to determine possible deviations. In a third part is the analysis of resource efficiency. The measured performance of the respective process is represented not only in an index number, but also in a matrix.

You can see at a glance where the performance of a process is and which derive from the results should be made. This matrix thereby has four types of assessment of ECM performance: low performance processes that involve significant shortcomings both in terms of quality as well as the economy. Economic performance processes with good values with regard to the economy, but a poor quality. Quality performance processes with a reverse profile as the economic performance processes: You have a good quality, but no satisfactory profitability. High performance processes are characterized by good values both from qualitative and economic points of view. The ECM Analyzer”can of course also perform reanalysis of the relevant process improvement measures, by comparing the effect of optimization to determine.

Also it can be used as a tool, to determine which performance parameters produce the greatest effects of optimization in a simulation. So far the practice of less document management has devoted the questions of process quality and process costs. The strong trend towards process orientation they gain an increasing importance but also in the ECM environment”, explains d.velop Board Mario Donnebrink the initiative for this tool. A gut feeling is sufficient for the evaluation does not, but it economic precise analyses are necessary”, Donnebrink is the ECM Analyzer” as concrete support for the users of document management systems. Users of document management systems can a free registration for the ECM Analyzer”at ecm-analyzer make.

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