Autumn seminar of in Business Informatics of at Reutlingen provides latest methods for corporate management against Reutlingen. With the latest scientific findings to management and experiences from the entrepreneurial reality, the autumn seminar of economic computer science at Reutlingen University waiting on Wednesday (27.10.2010). With this again representatives internationally operating corporations, such as Dr. Michael Gorriz, Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Daimler AG and representatives of medium-sized companies, such as Dr. Andreas Rebetzky, Director Gobal IT of the Sto AG in Stuhlingen. About the meaning and purpose of power point, Prof. Dr.

Rolf Hichert also lectures presentations. His provocative thesis is often so more obfuscated than declared. The autumn seminar of Business Informatics is aimed primarily at executives and decision makers from the business and research. Central theme this year of the process and code-oriented corporate management. With the special concept, the mix of theory and practice, the initiators of the seminar, want to Prof. Armin Roth and Prof.

Dr. Herbert Glockle from the Faculty of computer science show how business management concepts with the help of information technology be implemented in companies. Us it is important the entire bandwidth to show, so international corporations as well as solutions in the Midmarket Solutions“, as Armin Roth. Accordingly also the speakers and list of topics of the autumn seminar of science are made up. Dr. Michael Gorriz (Chief Information Officer of Daimler AG) will inform how using a balanced scorecard (concept for measurement, documentation and control of the activities of a company) the IT world can be controlled in a group. Alexander Klaus (head of controlling Europe) and Thomas Kammerer (head of strategy Europe) report how a medium-sized mail order company has built up an effective targeting at the autumn meeting of the E.M. group in Wertingen. Also they inform the process responsibilities and the success factors of this necessary anchoring. Also out Dr. Andreas Rebetzky reported a medium-sized company. The Director who is IT global talk at the meeting on Wednesday about the challenges involved in implementing a successful BI strategy. The lecture by Prof. Dr. Rolf Hichert is dedicated to a very special and almost everyday aspect in the work world. He enters presentations on the meaning and purpose of permanent power point. He represents the thesis that with power point presentations are concealed information in controlling, rather than to make them clear. Also, the so-called power point culture causes considerable costs. Hichert shows alternatives of a presentation without power point in his presentation. The practice reports with the latest scientific findings from the corporate management, which will be presented by Prof. Armin Roth and Prof. Dr. Herbert Glockle from the Faculty of computer science are complemented. Both are at the same time, the organizers of the event. Learn more about the autumn seminar of science are on the website of the Department () autumn seminar) available. There you can register even at short notice. The one-day meeting begins on Wednesday at 09:30 in the Auditorium of the University of Reutlingen.

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