The tree diagram goes of the general to specific, that is to say, leaves from a general problem ( trunk ) and continuous with subsequent levels or causes to it ( branches ). The causes become problems as well to which him causes are due to associate and so on until arriving to the maximum level from possible detail or primary causes. The action to solve each cause represents the average ones to reach the general goal, that is the solution of the problem. Methodology of Application the tree diagram is a tool of work in equipment, therefore before beginning, it is necessary to conform the work party (preferably interdisciplinary and with ample knowledge in the subject) and to assign a person in charge of the same, that will be in charge to direct the equipment through all the steps to apply the tool.

Step 1: To establish problem the equipment must initially determine the problem and write up it of form clear and specific to avoid the vagueness of the problem. In table 4 the correct and incorrect form can be appreciated to pose the problems. Table 4. Incorrect correct form of/posing problems INCORRECT FORM CORRECT FORM the patients must wait for long time to be taken care of the patients must whom to wait for 3 hours to be taken care of much unemployment Are 50% of the young people who leave the university do not obtain to work the shirts have faults the shirts are leaving without bellboys While but specific it is the problem but easy she will be to find the causes and effects. Step 2: To define the causes or effects of this problem In a subsequent level they register the cause that originates this problem. In order to identify this cause he is recommendable to use the question Why this problem happens. Not necessarily it must be a cause, can be multiple.

Step 3: To define the later levels Each cause becomes the effect to identify new causes, thus the equipment must continue identifying causes successive until it is arrived at the greater level of possible detail. Step 4: To weigh the importance of each branch To the causes of each problem, assigns a consideration to him in percentage (%) according to its importance. Step 5: To implant solutions solutions for each cause according to the priorities are implanted that arise from their consideration. To example way, in figure 13 a diagram of finished tree acquires knowledge. Benefits – It allows to obtain a joint vision of the study object. – It allows to identify means necessary to reach a goal or to solve a problem. – It allows to identify the primary and secondary causes of a problem and to assign priorities at the time of solving a problem. – It allows to understand the relation causes effect of the problems. – It allows to identify the objectives the goals of each task. Relation with other tools – Diagram of affinity. – Diagram of relation. – Diagram of cause effect. Requisite of norm ISO 9001:2000 related 5,3, 5.4.1, 8.2.1, 8.2.3, 8,3, 8.5.2, 8.5.3, original Author and source of the article.

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