“Uninterruptible power supply – ups news reliable electricity supply with the best total cost of ownership” CeBIT 2013, Hall 15, D26, level 32 in the planet reseller Delta Electronics, a leading global provider of energy saving solutions, announces the introduction of the new Ultron EH in Europe, Russia, China, India, South America as well as in the Middle East and Africa. The Ultron EH series, in the power classes 10/15/20 kVA, is a real life transformer ups with 3-phase input and 1-phase output. Thus, a reliable and stable sine wave power supply is ensured, that protects mission-critical applications from downtime, data loss and data destruction. EH series deliver the ups of the Ultron a clean power supply for server rooms, communication and computer network systems, medical equipment, surveillance systems, production facilities and much more. Because IT applications to be found everywhere in the business environment, customers are increasingly looking for a UPS in the medium performance range, the next to “Reliability leading technologies and best total cost of ownership’ (TCO) offer”, says Dennis Lin, Director of global product development of mission critical infrastructure solutions (MCIS) business unit of Delta Electronics. Most devices are designed generally with a 1-phase input, our Ultron EH series, however, has a 3-phase input/1-phase output design, that provides not only the required performance, it simplifies the UPS power distribution.” To achieve high reliability, the Ultron is EH series in online double conversion topology developed, which allows the complete separation of the output of all input anomalies.

The latest in DSP technology increases the stability of the system and provides a precise voltage. Dual input design the Ultron and meet N + X”can EH series from different feeds are supplied-parallel redundancy. The parallel operation of up to four devices is possible without additional hardware. Even the failure of a UPS does not affect the output load.

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