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The work of David Bohm is something unprecedented in history and somehow marks the integration of science and spirituality within a holistic vision of the world. Responds David Peat, in contemporary physics is in the phase of penetrating deeper. Quantum mechanics is not the last word. Why give them authority to spiritual experience or mysticism based on quantum mechanics is a huge risk, even if, on the other hand the spirituality is also a science, as Krishna, said the religious mind is a mind just like the scientist; Open, question. It concludes that Krishna and he came to the conclusion that the spiritual mind are, finally a single and that mind must be fully open to the research question, which requires lots of energy, much effort and the freedom necessary to ask the correct question. Summary notes that don’t want, therefore, a new science, but a new scientist whose mind is completely open, having the passion, love and energy for continue to pose questions, and currently comes to the same thing: the existence of a spiritual and scientific mind. The present essay continuing the dialogue which presented the need to investigate the development of holistic education (E.H.) In Japan and Mexico. Wondering what are the main features of both historical and current of this education in both countries. Dr. Gallegos says that each country related to their local reality and then acquires very special nuances that come from the own culture in each of the regions with their own elements and Atsuhiko than in this historical context, says that it is very new, and at the same time very old in Japan despite the fact that education has a historical burden holistic with a perspective of natural in the upbringing of children is fragment in 1980 to the 90 However informal education in Japan is very holistic, but in another sense has moved away formal education which has lost the balance.

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