I was reading a very good book by Dale Carnegie and I ask why not share some of my learnings with you. These habits are very useful to avoid fatigue and concern when it comes to work. Habit No. 1: Clear your desk of all paper that does not relate to the immediate problem that has in hand the good management of our stuff is the first step towards efficiency. As it says in the library of Congress in Washington, D.C., are five words written by the poet Pope: Order is Heavens first law (the order is the first law of the sky) the order should be the first law of business, but is it? DO NOT. The Executive working table is full of papers that have not thrown from weeks ago. I once looking for an agenda of mine on the desktop of my father, after 10 minutes stirring between her roles found mia a calculator that had been thought lost for months.

The mere spectacle of a crowded table of unanswered correspondence, reports and various writings is enough to provoke tension, confusion and concerns. Not only this, but something much worse may be caused by the constant remembrance of a million things to do and the lack of time to make them, such as high blood pressure, cardiac disorders and ulcers of stomach. Habit No. 2: Get things according to their order of importance is important to know what one is going to do on the day (have a plan) and establish the order of importance to accomplish these tasks. Get a list of the things you have to do for tomorrow and set your priorities. I always do this when I have many things to do, since but I leave it more important then and always is passed me flying time. For example, when I have to go to the Bank to make any type of transaction is that I have to do this first thing in the day because after some time the Bank is full and I can stand to lose all morning.

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