Rio De Janeiro, September 2010. ' ' V' ' Dinda, You and all mine know that I am not very adept with the words, perhaps therefore I have trod my way in music. However, at this moment, some things need to be said with words or, at least at this moment of pain, writings. Not I know the day nor, the hour, only understand that already he is next its final flight, in which will findar the terreal life and it will see &#039 to you; ' Country Beyond the Rio' ' , that one of the hymn. (Today it arrived.) Today already I touched this music, but as this was not enough to give alento to my heart, decided to write for a very special person. To start for its name, Esmeraldina is not for me an analogous term, means: esverdeada precious rock. At least compatible name with its beautiful eyes. I believe Mrs., I know that she was young the prettiest one of beaches of the Region of the Lakes. The theologians forgive who me, but had not been few the times, in these mine 33 years of life, that I already thought: – the prophet Isaiah wrote this Biblical text thinking about my grandmother: ' ' But the ones that wait in you will renew the forces, will go up with wing as eagles; they will run, and they will not be gotten tired; they will walk, and not if fatigaro.' ' (Isaiah 40:31) As good eagle, amongst its exuberant flights, it constructed its nest in a well high place, had seven children, of these still lost the third baby. She was widower still very young without pension, but God wise person whom of low of its strong wing and in its heart seven children fit, thus delivered plus a boy you to love, taking care of, at last, to create.

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