Between alicortos politicians and managers selfish will be left without the European Fund to merge boxes, which expires the 31st day. And it is that, how brain-dead, make yours the saying I one-eyed left me with such of the other losing sight. The worst is that mergers are not a whim but a urgent need of entities which, between estate overpriced, refinanciados credits and unwanted foreclosures, have double the actual delinquency found on their balance sheets. Why, then, are delayed a few mergers that would benefit the financial sector and provide more credit to companies and individuals outside? Because by the selfishness of executives who seek to perpetuate, unions that refuse to adjust templates and, above all, of a few politicians who put before anything its desire to control. It is that when there is no central bank in Spain, which ceded this competence to Brussels, all autonomous Presidents crave having their own regional bank where are. It has been clear in this regard Nunez Feijoo to veto the merger of the Galician boxes with any foreign. And the Vice-Presidents of Castilla y Leon, Tomas Villanueva, and the Valencian Community, Gerardo Camps have done the same. It would have to do exactly the opposite of what they say, since the current ills of the boxes come their inbreeding and its politicization: credits condoned La Caixa to the PSC, caught Bancaixa with Valencia C.F., Counsellor Diaz Ferran at Caja Madrid delinquency, with one box in each of the 17 autonomous communities, the use of saving a citizen would become not only inefficient, but perverse.

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