For 18 years and 4 months and recognized Professor Ms. Luciana Caceres Trujillana Catholic, opened as a patient Ultrasound Center NATALIE DEL PILAR and blessed it Go!, In his inaugural speech promised … Financial and Social Performance! In the years that Webster timidly raised this issue, perhaps to wash the face of fierce ambition of Neoliberalism, Capitalism newly rehearsed this type of alternative, overcoming the suction pipe dream Owen with his Utopian Socialism, in 1975 more like a Slogan empty, a hollow slogan that a conviction for the following years gave us the opportunity to realize both returns, without masks or pretense remember Complimentary Tickets would share the health centers and peripheral Postas, patients approached the Centre with they had in their pockets, many patients benefited from these measures, considering that this review was scarce and expensive, despite its great utility to save lives, we march to our eyes, thousands and thousands of diagnoses dramatic, we did and we saved many children cesarean dying and agonizing, we saw many segments thinned to explode alertabamos in pregnant women and patients to go to the hospitals, these real and tangible benefits today Social and Political Sciences Social Profitability are called primary and secondary … Miss A few days ago Luciana has gone to Heaven and Natalie del Pilar ultrasound Center has gone forever their ultrasound in a mysterious coincidence … but the message is that the Capitalist System is a complex web of economic, social and economic returns search is not exclusive to seek a Social Performance, as well explained Stakeholders, you can search for financial and economic profitability legitimate, honest, without forgetting that such a Social Return otherwise prefix means Solidarity with the ambition and greed, prefix the service to the selfishness, putting the moral values in the absence of same, unfortunately, it is clear that companies today practice a social return as a hollow and empty slogan, a fictitious return, not knowing what the pioneers thought to raise this challenge, even ignoring what Carroll said in 1992. .

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