Occurring man-made disasters and terrorist acts in Moscow and other regions have shown a need for a sign of evacuation and fire safety with the effect of “afterglow” that provide tangible assistance in the evacuation of people in emergency situations. Safety signs, fire safety signs, fire escape signs, fire signs, evacuation signs, fire escape plan, direction indicators, glow-in- the dark, while the afterglow from 18 to 36 hours, which allows us to take the necessary measures to evacuate people from public places in the event of an emergency. For organizations special rates on fire safety and means of fire safety – safety signs, signs of evacuation and direction indicators, glow in the dark. As well as safety in schools, fire safety school fire safety in schools and the garden is a fire safety signs and direction signs evacuation glowing in the dark according to gost R 12.2.143-2002 and npb 160-97..

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