It is clearly seen that the blue graph of positive emotions and red graph of negative emotions on the 200 and 400 milliseconds was significantly different from the white line graph neutral emotions in a healthy person. The graph on the right was obtained in a study by the same method of emotional space in heroin addicts who about three years do not consume any drugs, that is in a state of remission. From the right graph that, despite a three-year break in drug use positive emotions perceived as neutral, simply put, are not perceived at all – the blue line runs close to white. Negative emotions, like the more ancient and important for survival, was significantly different from neutral (white line), but do not reach such an intensity as in normal people. For other opinions and approaches, find out what john straus has to say. In other words – the heroin addict, who refused the use of heroin, nothing pleased the whole world sees in gray, except that he does not feel fully normal feelings of fear, so he is not afraid of laws, not the police. Thus, both the schedule could not be better illustrate the syndrome of pathological craving for the drug, translating to an understanding of the scope of psychology at the field of psycho-physiology, where the possibility of emotions, not just their subjective description. All known in the world, modern drugs and treatments heroin addiction, more than that of their possible combinations and modifications were not able to change the aforesaid statistics. Syndrome is an irresistible craving. Spent many years at the Institute for Clinical Immunology sb rams studies in animals and Clinical trials in humans have been directed at solving problems of overcoming the syndrome is craving.

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