Desire to use for the treatment of climatic conditions of the area resorts of Caucasian Mineral Waters demanded a detailed investigation. At the same time revealed how important are the climatic factors for formation and treatment of mineral water springs. Proceeding from these problems since 1920 and is currently in the Climate Division of the Institute of balneology and physiotherapy are systematic and targeted surveillance climatic features of the region, particularly in the areas of generation and supply sources. Established a wide network of meteorological and bio-climatic stations. For the study of solar radiation and atmospheric phenomena Electricity organized special actinometric station in Kislovodsk.

Over the past 90 years the station has accumulated large amount of factual material. In 1939, during a complex expedition of the ussr in addition created still operational meteorological network of mountain settlements. The research results not only characterize the climatic features, but also contribute to the development of theoretical propositions about the origin of sources of mineral waters and the most favorable treatment of their life. Observations geophysical stations for the first time a direct debit dependence sources of meteorological conditions in area of the formation of mineral waters, thus practically become possible to predict the rate of sources to monitor their treatment. One of the results of climate scientists and hydrogeologists was in 1948 a decision Government to hold a large plantation in Kabardian and plateau. 13,000 hectares of forest have been planted as a result of discharge sources and their chemical composition has stabilized. The other side of research – medical assessment of the climatic factors resorts – also has theoretical and practical importance.

Among these studies, occupy a special place of the "Types of weather resorts cms and their implications for climate-and sanatorium treatment, "" radiant energy of the sun in Kislovodsk – the results of 25-year observation. Studied in detail features of ultraviolet radiation in different zones of the area of cms. Developed dosimetric characteristic solnesnoy radiation. A study of atmospheric electricity discovered daily, and head move ionized air condition in Kislovodsk, in its dependence on the change of air masses and other features. These studies have allowed to give sound recommendations to prevent reactions in patients and to develop methods and optimal conditions for climatic treatment procedures for various types of weather and to develop model projects for the construction of summer and winter aerosolyariev.

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